Peel the App

Our journey started when one of our friends (now a co-founder) had to go through a number of diets to improve his gut health.

He discovered how hard it was to understand ingredients on food labels when shopping at the supermarket or when offered something to eat by a friend. Food labels, particularly ingredients lists, are hard to understand and often cause confusion due to information overload and tricks used by manufacturers (e.g. ingredients synonyms and alternatives) to deceive consumers.

He tried using some of the available barcode scanning apps on the store, but most are far from comprehensive, do not have information on many products out there, and do not offer diet-based recommendations.

To help him, we built this smart food ingredients detector, using Natural Language Processing, to make it easy to scan any list of ingredients on any food label and instantly detect if it includes bad stuff or if it's safe to eat, based on his diet requirements.

A few things that make Peel different from all other food barcode scanning apps

Scan Ingredient Lists

Peel Scan is not limited by a barcode database. It works on any ingredients list printed on food labels, menus, or recipes . Just scan the ingredients!

Search Ingredient Names

Skip Google. Lookup thousands of ingredients using Peel Search and instantly check if they fit your diet.

Simple Diet-Based Advice

Peel provides straightforward advice: "Avoid" or "Safe to eat" based on your diet preferences. No generic product assessment, no information overload.

Scientific Feedback. No BS.

Peel does not rely on info provided by manufacturers. Peel gives scientific & objective assessment of ingredients, backed by our expert nutritionists.

We’re working hard with expert nutritionists and doctors to add more diets on the platform. If you still can’t find your diet in the list of supported ones, feel free to reach out to us and propose one.

CAUTION: We take your health with the utmost importance. In case of allergies or any serious diseases, please reach out to the product manufacturer for further confirmation on the scan results and certitude about the contents product.

We’re just getting started and we’re not perfect yet, so we would love to hear any feedback no matter how brutal (

Finally, we hope you find the app useful! You've just taken the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. And we're proud to be supporting you along this journey.

The Peel Team