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Instantly know if [this food] fits your diet

Peel detects harmful ingredients on food labels based on your intolerance (Gluten, Lactose, Yeast, ...) or the diet you follow (Vegan, Palm Oil Free, No Artificial Sweeteners, ...).

For the first time since the apple fell from the tree, you can eat what you know and know what you eat.

We’re bringing you closer to food than ever. We peel labels. You get good food inside you.


Simple Diet-Based Advice

Peel provides real time advice: "Safe" or "Avoid" based on your intolerance or diet (can handle multiple diets at once).

Works on Any Ingredients

Peel does not rely on a limited product database. It works on any ingredients list (food labels, recipes, menus) . Just scan the ingredients list!

Scientific Feedback. No BS.

Peel does not rely on info provided by manufacturers. Peel gives scientific & objective assessment of ingredients, backed by our expert nutritionists.

Free to Use

Peel is free to use. Add as many diets as you want (only for a limited period!) and get peeling!

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Select Your Diet on Peel The App

Pick your diet

Choose from a range of Intolerances (e.g. Gluten), Dietary Considerations (e.g. No Added Sugar), or Popular Diets (e.g. Vegan, Palm Oil Free). Didn't find your diet on the app? Stay tuned, we're adding new diets every month!

Get an instant recommendation on Peel The App

Scan & peel ingredients

Snap a pic of ingredients printed on the food label and get an instant answer: "Avoid" or "Safe"

No more confusion from information overload or tricks used by food manufacturers on food labels.

Get an instant recommendation on Peel The App

Enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Make easy healthy choices for you and your family.

Peel works on any food label (not constrained by barcode availability) and instantly gives you an objective assessment.

Download Peel The App on the App Store
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"I've tried to find a product where the app is wrong or can't find the product. The database and alerts are near perfect. Thank you for all the hard work it must have taken." - T.F.

“This needs to be translated to many more languages apart from English. Scanning the list of ingredients and listing them with their potential benefits or harmful influence might help many people struggling with awful gastric conditions.” - S.F.

"Just downloaded this and I think it's wonderful! I am newly diagnosed and have been spending HOURS in the grocery looking for pre made foods I can have. Thank you so much for creating something to help" - L.S.

"This app works great! Can be a real life saver at the supermarket or when handed a questionable snack" - N.T.

"Damn! If you need a Polish-English translator I 'm here!" - S.T.

"My wife thanks you. We spend countless hours trying to scour ingredients and info to see if she have something or not" - A.D.

"Holy cow (minus the dairy! ha) I can't wait to go shopping now :) thank you!!!! :) :)" - B.H.

"Yes yes yes!!! My hubby was diagnosed w Celiac and I decided to try Veganism and it's so HARD to figure out what we can eat w all the different dietary stuff. Thank You!!!" - S.R.

"If anyone is wondering, this app is awesome. I use it, so does my wife. I have Celiac disease which also includes no oats and no dairy for me. I have saved myself more than once by using this app. Reading every ingredient label for each and every item I buy is exhausting, and this little app saves me from all of what mess, It's awesome" - D.B.

"This is fantastic! I've been Vegetarian for years and there are so many things people don't realize aren't Veggo. Great work!" - A.S.

"This is bloody genius thank you!!" - B.J.

"I've been using this app for a few weeks now on Gluten / Wheat Intolerance. It works fantastic-except it won't let me buy ANY spaghetti. It's like having a responsible person with you at all times. Avoid!! Safe to Eat!! Great contraption." - N.I.

"This tool is awesome! Thanks for creating it and giving to us for free!" - L.B.

"What a fantastic app! I would love to help beta test the Android version if you need too." - D.A.

"Tried it on a couple of things today and looks super thorough and really helpful! Works perfectly so far" - S.K.

"I put it to the test by taking a picture of Frosted Mini-Wheats. I know it contained gelatin so I wanted to see if it caught it, and it did! - F.B.

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